Upgrading your skills and value to the market – should you take another course, do a MBA or have coaching?  


Jim Rohn, the personal development guru, speaks a lot about the importance of increasing your value to the market, if you want to succeed.

Just like increased productivity and growth are in the interest of a company it is as much, if not more,  in the interest of an individual.
If you feel you have taken course after course, you have done your MBA, you are constantly brushing up on our skills with Coursera and Lynda.com and you still feel stuck, uninspired, and/or not advancing your career. Most likely it is not your hard skills or competencies that are lacking but rather some of the soft skills or behavioral changes that are required. Another one off course with someone ‘telling’ you what to do or how to approach a certain problem issue will typically not help.

Just like the athlete is doing his/her exercises and drills and just like the tennis player work on refining his/her technique they use a coach to support them.  A coach will, but not limited to:

  • help widening your vision
  • guide you through those tough decisions and change
  • assist you in getting over your own limitations
  • condition your mind for success


I can read about the best grip for my forehand in a book but it is not until my coach asks me why I hold it that way or this way or have you thought of trying this or that I am really changing and improving.  Old habits die hard, so it is not in the first tennis lesson I will change, it takes time and practice and reminders. That is why I have a tennis coach!

If you feel that you are not making the advancement maybe you have not set the right goals? Maybe you are not aware of certain ‘bad’ habits? Maybe you have not got a clue what people really think of you? What impact do you have on people around you?

Coaching is about changing behaviors, to become more aware.

Many corporates provide coaching for their staff, and increasingly so at more junior levels. As the old saying goes: “What happens if we invest in our employees and then they leave us?”  “What happens if we don’t, and they stay”?

Individualized coaching, I do dare say, has a greater impact than traditional learning. The greatest impact of coaching (ICF Coaching Client Study 2009) are: self-esteem / self confidence, relationships, communications skills, interpersonal skills and work performance.

If you decide coaching might be for you. Ask your employer if they are supportive or consider investing in your self, like you would with a gym membership.