Are you cultivating your hidden talent?

What talents are you nurturing that is unrelated to what you do for a living?

I saw the  MoMA Dance Company performance by Jérôme Bel.
The Dance Company brings together employees from different departments, who might otherwise not interact, to perform. Diana Pan, Chief Technology Officer, suddenly became an accomplished ballerina. I was watching the performance next to one of her direct reports. He was so proud of his boss. Everyone who volunteered got to participate and the project had boosted team spirit and created new connections.

I have always tried to hire well-rounded people with interest and hobbies outside of work.

• Hire individuals who are not defined by their job. They are usually more interesting to work with and less political.

• People with diverse interest and friends in different industries tend to be more resilient. They also bring more perspectives to work situations.

• Even some of our most complex problems are solved when we stop fixating on finding a solution. We all need a break to stay productive.

One of my former colleagues was during working hours a superstar Head of Capital Introductions and during holiday time a Venetian glassblower.

Do you know what your colleague’s hidden talents are?30-october