I read some interesting statistics in the newspaper today, perhaps nothing new, but as I reflected over the facts I realized why Millenials are so demanding (in the workforce).

The article was written in The Financial Times, “Demographics and markets: The effect of ageing – Will the rising number of retirees cause inflation and help lift the economy?” by John Authers 25 Oct 2016.

“70 is the new 65”, we are going to continue to work for longer, hopefully because we live longer and love what we are doing.

The facts are that demographics, with low birth rate and a growing population of elderly require us to work longer. There are a number of countries where still a very small population above 60 work. As much as we want the freedom of a retiree, if you are looking at facts early retirement is not going to be possible for the majority, at least if you want to have money in your pocket as a retiree and help lift the economy, including spurring on inflation.

So if we are going to extend our working life, view it as a marathon and not a sprint, it is no wonder the Millenials, who are well aware of the facts, demand more of their employers – they need to have work/life balance from get go, to last! They need to have fun at work, develop and stay motivated.

I am now calling my elderly care home to delay my entry.