Are you an action junkie?

Do you make lists, on paper, on your phone and in your mind? And do you get a kick out of ticking off one item after another and feel rather awful when not getting things done? Addicted to actions.

I certainly feel very satisfied ticking off my to-dos.

Before adding anything to your list, ask yourself  if the chosen action serves your goals in the best possible way.

By running errands, setting up meetings, lunches and coffees I feel oh so very busy. But are my actions actually serving me?  I can end up feeling very, short term, satisfied for having an action pact day, giving me a false pretense that I have achieved something.

I have come to the conclusion that, more often than I wish, my actions don’t serve my goals. Upon closer scrutiny I realize that many of the activities causing my busyness did not take me closer to my dreams, this typically leaves me with a  foggy mind, it blurs my vision, I don’t think straight.  My mind is not as sharp as it could be.

This is not a coincidence as I have overloaded my frontal cortex and put myself in a complete fight or flight mode. An un-focused mind is not an optimal mind.

So, what to do?  Stop and think, take that extra second before taking action. Ask yourself does this serve me well? Or, should I perhaps take another path?  Many choices in our lives are binary, yes or no, do or don’t. Don’t be a junkie and make sure to take control of your actions.