Are you cultivating your hidden talent?

What talents are you nurturing that is unrelated to what you do for a living? I saw the  MoMA Dance Company performance by Jérôme Bel. The Dance Company brings together employees from different departments, who might otherwise not interact, to perform. Diana Pan, Chief Technology Officer, suddenly became an accomplished ballerina. I was...

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I read some interesting statistics in the newspaper today, perhaps nothing new, but as I reflected over the facts I realized why Millenials are so demanding (in the workforce). The article was written in The Financial Times, “Demographics and markets: The effect of ageing – Will the rising number of retirees cause inflation and help

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Are you an action junkie?

Do you make lists, on paper, on your phone and in your mind? And do you get a kick out of ticking off one item after another and feel rather awful when not getting things done? Addicted to actions. I certainly feel very satisfied ticking off my to-dos. Before adding anything to your list, ask yourself  if

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